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Nov 13, 2015
"Music for Moore" Fundraiser at the Princeton Elk's Club Nov. 21, 2015 @5pm!
Jun 27, 2015
"Songs of Theatre & Film" Concert June 27th, 5pm @MCVTS School of the Arts
Jun 12, 2015
Leo Sawikin performs with is Band "The Chordaes" at The Saint
May 29, 2015
Attended the Annual Voice Symposium at AVA in Philly
May 20, 2015
Mia Reiser in "Bring it On"

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of students do you teach?

Really anyone who is serious about learning to sing. I have students that are pursuing professional careers, want to go to college for music, sing in original or cover bands, sing in religious services, want to join the school or community choir, try out for musicals, want to build confidence for public speaking, or just do it for their own enjoyment.

How long are lessons?

Generally people tend to take 30 or 60 minute lessons. But longer lessons can be arranged as well.

How much do lessons cost?

Please contact for current rates.

How often, when?

People tend to come once a week for a lesson, but there are other options available for those who want to come every other week, or once a month.  Day and evening lessons are available (Saturday-Thursday).


Where are you located?

New Jersey, NYC, and Skype/Facetime.


Do you offer any other music services?

Yes, aside from coaching full bands, I also work in the recording studio with clients who want a voice coach present to help them achieve the sound they are looking for on their demo or album.  I also hold a few student concerts a year and occasionally try to host public performances at local venues, so that students can have a chance to sing in front of an audience.


What kind of things do you work on with pop/rock singers?

Each student has a unique sound that they want to achieve. I tailor the lesson towards what the student needs.  Some examples of things that we might work on:  Vocal Health, belt/mix, improvisation, vocal registers, warm-up routines, mic technique, preparing / performing songs, audition preparations, rehearsal techniques, and much more...


Are you available to help me in the studio with my vocals while I am recording?

Yes, please contact for current rates.

I think I damaged my voice, can you help me?

If you think you have damaged your voice I encourage you to make an appointment with a doctor / speech pathologist / otolaryngology specialist. A qualified voice teacher's job is to help you prevent damage, and help rebuild after the doctor okays it, if you already hurt your voice.

How long will it take me to get good?

That depends on many factors, the ones that come to mind immediately are: practice habits, what skill sets you have already, your goal, how mature your voice is, how long you have been singing already, how well you listen and apply information, and are you willing to try new things with your instrument that challenge your previous conceptions, and how regularly you show up to lessons...etc...


Do I need to know how to read music?

No, but it would definitely be a great benefit for you to learn how to.


Can you teach me to read music / music theory / sight-singing?

Yes, we can incorporate some of these things into the lesson if you are interested.


What should I bring to my lessons?

Notebook, Staff paper, Sheet Music, Theory / Sight-Singing Books (optional: Water, recording device)


How do I contact the teacher for lessons or other related information?

Go to the contact page.